A Letterman jacket _ also known as Varsity jacket _ is a valuable piece of cloth. This jacket is made of thick warm wool and genuine leather, it can last 20, 30 or 40 years, even a lifetime if you take good care of it.

Wool and Leather Varsity jacket

1 ) Remove all items from your pockets first.
2 ) Use a lint roller to clean the wool from dusts, hair, etc.
3 ) Use baby shampoo or hand soap to damp a clean towel. The towel should not be soaking wet.
4 ) Rub very gently the malicious stain until it disappears.
5 ) Let the wool naturally air dry, avoid direct sunlight or heat.

Wool and Leather maintenance

1 ) Brush softly the sleeves to remove all dirt and dust.
2 ) Use the same baby shampoo or hand soap to clean up the stains.
3 ) Remember to rub gently the leather in circle until it disappears.
4 ) Apply some leather lotion on the sleeves and trim, same method of small circles.
5 ) Dry gently the leather with a soft tissue.

You can use a moist baby wipe to clean the inner lining of your Letterman jacket.

If you can not get rid of a stain using this method, you'd better go to a professionnal who will take good care of your favorite Varsity jacket.
By the way, when buying your first jacket, be sure you purchase a good quality of wool and genuine leather _ not the synthetic leather that will last a couple of years before tearing off. Lyon Apparel offers high quality products and always check each and every jacket before delivery.